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2017-01-03The MRC supports preprints
2017-01-03New Year's Honours 2017
2016-12-16New MRC Deputy Chief Executive announced
2016-12-15Research councils lay foundations for ambitious new global health research programmes
2016-12-14Director announced to lead UK Dementia Research Institute in London
2016-12-13New appointments to the Medical Research Council
2016-12-12Stealth fungus that causes thrush 'hides' from immune system
2016-12-06Study finds no evidence cleaner cookstoves reduce pneumonia in children
2016-12-05How can we measure the 'interdisciplinarity' of research?
2016-11-29Genetic differences in amino acid metabolism are linked to a higher risk of diabetes
2016-11-22Mayor of London opens revolutionary radiotherapy machine
2016-11-17Changes to MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship awards
2016-11-10The Queen opens new Francis Crick Institute building
2016-11-09New partnership with India to beat antibiotic resistance
2016-11-09New world-class centre to reveal biological clues behind brain disorders
2016-11-08UK and India team up to push scientific and cultural boundaries
2016-11-03Evolution of ebola virus resulted in increased human infectivity
2016-10-26Parent-led early intervention reduces autism symptoms
2016-10-25New MRC Chief of Strategy announced
2016-10-25MRC awards £4.3m to boost UK research base in dementia
2016-09-20Prizes for collaborative regenerative medicine researchers
2016-09-20Regenerative Medicine Conference highlights progress being made in fast-growing field
2016-09-14'Library' of nearly 50 de-prioritised pharma compounds opens to researchers
2016-09-13Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe wins Lasker Award
2016-09-122016 Max Perutz Science Writing Award shortlist announced
2016-09-05Interferon shows promise as flu therapy
2016-09-05Babies born with a low birth weight may be less active in later life
2016-09-05Scientists discover how 'super enzyme' speeds up DNA repair
2016-09-02Crick team identifies new lead for tuberculosis drug development
2016-09-01Scientists start to move into the Crick
2016-08-31A product of cell metabolism found to be linked with kidney tumour growth
2016-08-31Progress in refining the genetic causes of schizophrenia
2016-08-23Evidence of changes to children's brain rhythms following 'brain training'
2016-08-22World's most in depth study to detect early signs of Alzheimer's disease
2016-08-17Researchers identify gene associated with age-related hearing loss
2016-08-16Long-lived parents could mean a healthier heart into your seventies
2016-08-12Dr Jim Smith moving on from the MRC
2016-08-11Research supports targeting enzyme group to treat autoimmune diseases
2016-08-10Discovery of key component of HIV virus yields new drug target
2016-08-09£4.5m from Newton Fund for collaborations that will tackle antimicrobial resistance
2016-08-09Online directory of biobanks established
2016-08-08New health research 'explainer' tool
2016-07-29'Screen-and-treat' scheme for hepatitis B may prevent deadly complications
2016-07-22Controlling ADAM33 gene could stop asthma
2016-07-21MRC pledges support for research charities' impact tracking
2016-07-08New funding for the harmonisation and alignment of brain imaging methods
2016-07-08Global Challenge Research Fund – Call for Evidence
2016-07-06Study recruits volunteers to trial ketamine as new treatment for alcoholism
2016-07-06Volunteers needed in new alcoholism study
2016-07-06New insights into blood cancer that develops before birth
2016-07-01Pharmaceutical industry launches database outlining payments to healthcare professionals
2016-07-01Database launched outlining payments to healthcare professionals
2016-06-28Study identifies two-in-one approach that could help prevent spread of deadly brain tumour
2016-06-23The MRC Festival of Medical Research is in full swing!
2016-06-23The MRC Festival of Medical Research 2016
2016-06-16Funding reproducible, robust research
2016-06-13Queen's Birthday Honours 2016
2016-06-08Her Majesty The Queen opens Brain Research Imaging Centre
2016-05-25New EMBO members announced
2016-05-24MRC scientist wins Royal Society's prestigious Copley Medal
2016-05-23Collaboration produces guide on evaluating healthcare system innovations
2016-05-20MRC Festival of Medical Research
2016-05-18MRC announces cross-council awards worth nearly £10m to tackle antibiotic resistance
2016-05-17Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression
2016-05-16RCUK statement on publication of the 'Success as a Knowledge Economy' White Paper
2016-05-12Over £40M pledged in new bid to tackle global challenges
2016-05-11Lithium may be better than newer drugs at reducing self-harm in bipolar disorder
2016-05-04Research Councils UK launch action plan to drive cultural change in equality, diversity and inclusion
2016-05-04Study finds virtual reality can help treat severe paranoia
2016-05-04RCUK action plan to drive cultural change
2016-04-30Historic £100 million charity backing for UK Dementia Research Institute
2016-04-29MRC researchers join Fellowship of Academy of Medical Sciences
2016-04-26Potential cause of dementia to be investigated with £1m grant
2016-04-25Vaccinations are more effective when administered in the morning
2016-04-19Pioneering LMB research behind new Cryo-EM consortium
2016-04-18UK Biobank study identifies gene changes that influence timing of sexual behaviour
2016-04-13UK Biobank launches world's largest imaging project to shed new light on major diseases
2016-04-08Using cellular components to treat drug overdose
2016-03-23New drug shows promise against muscle wasting disease
2016-03-21Research funders join forces to tackle Zika virus with £3.2m
2016-03-18RCUK Strategic Priorities and Spending Plans Announcement
2016-03-15Atmospheric Pollution & Human Health in a Chinese Megacity
2016-03-01Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy may help babies' bones
2016-02-29Longest-running cohort study in the UK celebrates turning 70
2016-02-29NC3Rs announces winners of 2015 3Rs Prize
2016-02-24Metabolism 'rewiring' can lead to aggressive lung cancer
2016-02-22Supporting new researchers towards independence
2016-02-17Study suggests our organs may have their own sexual identity
2016-02-15Cutting edge medical research ideas receive £23.2m boost
2016-02-11Global scientific community commits to sharing data on Zika
2016-02-05New MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen
2016-02-05New Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen
2016-02-03Rapid Response launched to fast-track Zika research
2016-02-02New 'gene-editing' techniques approved
2016-02-01Research Councils show impact of their investments in new report
2016-01-27Study finds paracetamol use in pregnancy can cut female fertility
2016-01-08Study shows beneficial effects of blocking brain inflammation in an experimental model of Alzheimer's
2016-01-08Study shows benefit of blocking brain inflammation in Alzheimer's model
2016-01-04New Year's Honours 2016
2016-01-04MBE for MRC Director in New Year's Honours 2016
2015-12-21New Pathfinder award funding for international collaborations between Centres of Excellence in neurodegenerative disease...
2015-12-21Funding award for Centres of Excellence in neurodegenerative disease research
2015-12-21Funding awards for Centres of Excellence in neurodegenerative disease research
2015-12-21Neurodegenerative research receives £3.6m boost
2015-12-17First evidence to suggest that screening for ovarian cancer may save lives
2015-12-16Twin peaks for Imanova
2015-12-10Professor Sir Brian Greenwood awarded the 2015 MRC Millennium Medal
2015-12-09Progressing clinical academic careers in the UK
2015-11-30Chief Executive for the Medical Research Council reappointed
2015-11-25Liver cell therapies closer as study reveals key to mass production
2015-11-24UK's first Dementia Research Institute to be led by the MRC
2015-11-233d tumour model replicates oxygen starvation in cancers
2015-11-20New target for macular degeneration gets funding for clinical trials
2015-11-19The Nurse Review – Ensuring a Successful Research Endeavour
2015-11-19Queen's Anniversary Prize awarded to MRC Centre
2015-11-16Colour-changing burns dressing will help fight against antibiotic resistance
2015-11-13MRC announces health research partnerships between UK and Indian scientists
2015-11-09Changes in humour an early sign of dementia
2015-11-04Researchers develop test to diagnose 'face blindness'
2015-10-26No dementia drug doubles risk of nursing home placement
2015-10-26Ground broken on ground-breaking £16m Imaging Centre of Excellence
2015-10-23Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2015 – winner announced
2015-10-21UK and China team up on superbug research
2015-10-21Science Minister tours MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
2015-10-15Study finds inflammation in the brain is linked to risk of schizophrenia
2015-10-08Multimillion euro boost to international dementias research
2015-10-06MRI scans could predict patients at risk of major depressive disorder
2015-09-28First patient treated with stem cell therapy for wet age-related macular degeneration
2015-09-25First UK Biobank genetic study reveals new associations with lung disease and smoking behaviour
2015-09-25First UK Biobank genetic study
2015-09-222015 Max Perutz Science Writing Award shortlist announced
2015-09-22Cell 'switch' discovered that could shed light on cancer
2015-09-16Malaria in Africa cut by half since 2000
2015-09-16A coffee in the evening turns the body clock back by around an hour
2015-09-14Recruitment open for new MRC Board and Panel members
2015-09-10New clinical study strengthens the possibility that the dissemination of misfolded proteins may contribute to Alzheimer'...
2015-09-10New clinical study: misfolded proteins may contribute to Alzheimer's disease
2015-09-08Technology touching life consultation: harnessing UK research excellence
2015-09-07Researchers develop novel test which can tell how well a person is ageing
2015-09-03Discrepancy between our own values and another's can impair lie detection
2015-09-02Human genome-editing research should proceed, say leading UK science bodies
2015-08-20A decade of changes to the UK health research landscape
2015-08-18Heart attack deaths could be cut if hospitals stuck to guidelines
2015-08-17From lab-based discovery to global blockbusters
2015-08-12American Heart Association guidelines for arteriovenous malformations of the brain
2015-08-10Alcohol consumption in pregnancy
2015-08-07Round 8 of Biomedical Catalyst awards announced
2015-08-06Cytosponge – a new diagnostic test
2015-08-06Shaping the UK's dementia care policy
2015-08-03Research-based cardiovascular treatments
2015-07-30Gene fault 'short-circuits' body clock
2015-07-28Nutrition and pregnancy: Scientists challenge 'eat for two' myth
2015-07-28New approach to MRI could slash length of scans
2015-07-27Major European mouse study reveals the role of genes in disease
2015-07-26Six major projects to bring innovative pathology tests to patients
2015-07-22Regular consumption of sugary drinks associated with type 2 diabetes
2015-07-20Liver regrown from stem cells
2015-07-20Physical activity and diet
2015-07-16Large-scale trial will assess effectiveness of teaching mindfulness in UK schools
2015-07-15MRC, GSK and five leading UK universities collaborate to crack difficult disease areas
2015-07-15MRC, GSK and universities collaborate to crack difficult disease areas
2015-07-13Scientists create 'mini bile ducts' to discover new drugs that could prevent the need for liver transplantation
2015-07-13Scientists grow 'mini bile ducts' to help discovery of new drugs
2015-07-09Landmark 69-year study to provide window into dementia
2015-07-07Study identifies new way to kill the malaria parasite
2015-07-03Encouraging results for gene therapy trial for CF
2015-07-02Study finds assessment of age based on physical development to be inaccurate
2015-07-02Intrusiveness of old emotional memories can be reduced by computer game play procedure
2015-06-29Professor Dame Kay Davies receives William Allan Award
2015-06-23Bloodless malaria test passes first test in humans
2015-06-19Lab-grown organs to liver tests: a look back at our successes in 2013/14
2015-06-18Study finds timing of puberty has wide-ranging impacts on health in later life
2015-06-16Study in twins finds blood protein that may indicate risk of Alzheimer’s disease
2015-06-16Study in twins finds blood protein that may indicate risk of Alzheimer's disease
2015-06-15Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015
2015-06-15Queen's Birthday Honours 2015
2015-06-12New resource for developmental biologists
2015-06-10Mother’s environment periconception may affect her child's life long risk of disease
2015-06-10Genetic variant gives prion disease resistance
2015-06-10Mother's environment periconception may affect her child's life long risk of disease
2015-06-08The MRC commits £5m towards a new UK R&D Vaccines Network
2015-06-05Calling all MRC-funded PhD students!
2015-06-02Bacteria use chemical harpoons to hold on tight to their hosts
2015-05-20Paracetamol in pregnancy may lower testosterone in unborn boys
2015-05-20Gaming technology solves twitchy patient problem
2015-05-20MRC launches new Cohort Directory
2015-05-19Child obesity risk increases almost three-fold in five generations
2015-05-18£5million boost to superbug researchers
2015-05-18Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants launched
2015-05-05New test more accurately detects ovarian cancer
2015-05-01MRC scientists elected Fellows of the Royal Society
2015-04-14Updated RCUK guidance for funding applications involving animal research
2015-04-07Medical Research Council affected by central London fire
2015-04-01Building on the success of brain research
2015-03-27MRC and UCB join forces to offer access to UCB’s novel antibody discovery platform
2015-03-27New scheme to boost partnerships between academia and industry
2015-03-27A new Cross-Council vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research
2015-03-25Ebola more deadly for young children
2015-03-25Medical breakthroughs on the horizon with £32m boost for UK research
2015-03-18Sir Venki Ramakrishnan announced as President Elect of the Royal Society
2015-03-18Signposting medical research career options
2015-03-16New images of the brain show the forgetful side effect of frequent recall
2015-03-12Big data in practice: Canada and the UK join forces on dementia research
2015-03-12World’s largest community genetics study launches in East London
2015-03-09Wellcome Trust-MRC Newton Fund Collaboration
2015-03-06Combination cell-gene therapy for lung cancer to be tested in UK patients
2015-03-05New research into how young people learn about sex and relationships
2015-02-27New competition launched to celebrate the role of technology transfer professionals
2015-02-24PROUD study shows Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is highly protective against HIV infection
2015-02-23New Director for MRC Human Genetics Unit
2015-02-18Unhealthy eating habits outpacing healthy eating patterns in most world regions
2015-02-16MRC’s Council Committee Update
2015-02-12MRC appoints new Director of External Affairs
2015-02-05Independent superbug report calls for more global funding
2015-02-04New website first to streamline nutrition data use by researchers
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Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.