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As a specialty company dedicated to the ophthalmic and anti-rheumatic fields, Santen carries out the research, development, sales, and marketing of pharmaceuticals. The company has its bases in about 20 countries and delivers products in more than 70 countries. In Japan, Santen holds the No. 1 share in the prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market. As a leading company in the field of ophthalmology, Santen aims to contribute to society by supplying valuable products and services to satisfy unmet medical needs.
Category: Pharmaco
Category: Pharmaco

Santen News

2016-12-14Notice of Cancellation of Treasury Shares
2016-11-28Santen Announces Phase III SAKURA Program Topline Results in Patients with Non-Infectious Uveitis of the Posterior Segme...
2016-11-24Santen Announces Completion of Share Repurchase Program
2016-11-02Santen Reports the 2nd Quarter Fiscal 2016 Consolidated Performance
2016-11-01Santen Announces Status of Repurchase of Own Shares
2016-10-06Santen, RIKEN and FBRI Announce Research Collaboration to Develop New Retinal Disease Treatments
2016-10-03Personnel Changes of Corporate Officer (PDF)
2016-09-12Santen Announces Repurchase of Own Shares
2016-08-30Santen Announces the Completion of Establishment Procedures for Chongqing Santen Kerui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2016-08-22Santen Completes Acquisition of InnFocus, Developer of "MicroShunt" Glaucoma Implant Device
2016-08-03Santen and University College London to collaborate on ophthalmic research and education (PDF)
2016-08-02Santen Reports the 1st Quarter Fiscal 2016 Consolidated Performance
2016-07-19Santen to Acquire InnFocus, Developer of "MicroShunt"Glaucoma Implant Device
2016-07-14Corporate Governance Report
2016-07-04Santen Receives Positive Recommendation from CDSCO for Sirolimus (PDF)
2016-05-12Vekacia® (Ciclosporin 1mg/mL Eye Drops) Pivotal Trial Meets Primary and Key Secondary Endpoints (PDF)
2016-05-11Santen Reports Fiscal 2015 Consolidated Performance
2016-05-11Notice of Board of Directors and Corporate Auditor Nominations
2016-05-11Santen Provides Update on EU Marketing Authorization Application for DE-109 (Sirolimus)
2016-04-18Santen Donates to Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Efforts (PDF)
2016-03-30Santen Enters Licensing Agreement with Ono for FP/EP3 Dual Agonist, ONO-9054
2016-03-22Santen China and Chongqing Kerui Announce Collaboration to Develop New Ophthalmic Joint Venture
2016-03-10Notice of Corporate Officer Appointments
2016-02-23Santen Announces Proposed Dividend Change (PDF)
2016-02-10Notice on the Establishment of Santen Business Services Co., Ltd. (PDF)
2016-02-09Santen Makes Contribution to Support the Recovery of Areas Affected by the Earthquake in Taiwan (PDF)
2016-02-02Santen Announces Financial Result for the Third Quarter ended December 31, 2015 (PDF)
2015-11-04NICE recommends the use of IKERVIS® in England for the treatment of severe keratitis in adult patients with dry eye dise... (PDF)
2015-11-04Santen Reports Consolidated Performance For the First Half of FY2015 (PDF)
2015-11-04Santen Announces Financial Result for the Second Quarter ended September 30, 2015 (PDF)
2015-09-01Notice on Details of Subscription Rights to New Shares (Stock Options for Stock-Linked Remuneration) (PDF)
2015-08-25Santen Announces Approval of TAPROS for the Treatment of Open-Angle Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension in China (PDF)
2015-08-04Santen to Grant Subscription Rights to New Shares as Stock Options for Stock-Linked Remuneration (PDF)
2015-08-04Santen Announces Financial Result for the First Quarter ended June 30, 2015 (PDF)
2015-08-03Notice of Completion of the Transfer of Anti-Rheumatic Pharmaceutical Business to AYUMI Pharmaceutical Corporation (PDF)
2015-07-15Santen Launches Ikervis in Germany (PDF)
2015-07-01TRACON Pharmaceuticals Announces IND Filing of DE-122 (TRC105) for the Treatment of Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration... (PDF)
2015-06-26Intravitreal VEGF Inhibitor "EYLEA" Approved as a Treatment of Retinal Vein Occlusion(RVO) (PDF)
2015-06-24Santen Launches COSOPT Mini Combination ophthalmic solution for the Treatment of Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension (PDF)
2015-05-12Notice of Member of the Board and Corporate Auditors Nominations (PDF)
2015-05-12Santen Reports Consolidated Performance for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2015 (PDF)
2015-05-12Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2015 (PDF)
2015-05-12Santen Announces Assignment of its Anti-Rheumatic Pharmaceuticals Business to Hyperion Pharma Co., Ltd. (PDF)
2015-05-01Notification of making a contribution to support the recovery of the affected area from the damage done by the Napal Ear... (PDF)
2015-05-01Santen Makes Contributions to Support the Recovery of Areas Affected by the Earthquake in Nepal (PDF)
2015-04-27Santen Launches New Sante de U ?, an OTC Eye Drop (PDF)
2015-04-10Notice of Change in Significant Shareholder (PDF)
2015-03-25Santen Announces Approval of Ikervis for EU Marketing Authorization (PDF)
2015-03-24Revision of consolidated earnings forecasts for FY 2014 (PDF)
2015-03-24Santen Announces Proposed Dividends Change (PDF)
2015-03-12Santen Announces Approval of Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension Therapeutic,COSOPT Mini Ophthalmic Solution in Japan (PDF)
2015-03-10Notice of the appointment of Corporate Officers (PDF)
2015-03-05Santen to Co-sponsor "Green Light-Up"to Illuminate Landmark Facilities in Green in Japan during the World Glaucoma Week ... (PDF)
2015-03-02European Medicines Agency Accepts Santen's Marketing Application Filing for Intravitreal Sirolimus for the Treatment of ... (PDF)
2015-02-24Santen Announces Stock Split and Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation (PDF)
2015-02-03Santen Announces Financial Result for the Third Quarter ended December 31, 2014 (PDF)
2015-02-02Santen Launches Sante Lutax®20+Vitamin& Mineral a Nutritional Supplement Containing Lutein (PDF)
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