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Institute of Cancer Research News

2016-03-16ICR science symposium to commemorate legacy of Chris Marshall
2016-03-16STEM Ambassadors: inspiring students and dispelling myths
2016-03-15New way of targeting cancer’s most commonly mutated gene
2016-03-15New way to view prostate cancer that has spread to the bones
2016-03-15What next for the breast cancer research that hit the front pages?
2016-03-14Signs of hope for ovarian cancer
2016-03-11Discovery Club members learn how big data is transforming cancer research
2016-03-10Gene may worsen cancer outcome by speeding metabolism of drugs
2016-03-10Drug combination shrinks HER2-positive breast cancers within 11 days
2016-03-09Partial breast radiotherapy cuts breast cancer side-effects
2016-03-04Study reveals enzymes that cancers depend on to survive
2016-03-03New Centre for Cancer Imaging to open window onto cancer
2016-03-03Healthy cells ‘collaborate’ with tumours to help build new blood vessels
2016-03-02Drug combination slows breast cancer spread
2016-02-26Scientists develop new way to view bone cancer
2016-02-25Moving away from the ‘one fraction size fits all' approach to radiotherapy
2016-02-25Protein key to cancer spread also controls tumour growth
2016-02-24CAR T cell immunotherapy: on the road towards a cancer cure?
2016-02-23Finding the 10%: what 'essential genes' mean for cancer
2016-02-18The death of cancer? Part 3: Searching for cure or long-term control
2016-02-17London students gain experience of life in a breast cancer research lab
2016-02-16New viral-radiotherapy combination could treat prostate cancers
2016-02-16‘Ecologically diverse’ breast cancers more likely to be deadly
2016-02-12Researchers map key stage in cell division
2016-02-11Using the laws of nature to predict tumour growth
2016-02-11The death of cancer? Part 2: the War on Cancer and the politics of drug access
2016-02-09Scientists discover how breast cancer cells spread from blood vessels
2016-02-08When Nostradamus got it right about cancer treatment
2016-02-05Why phase I trials should be opened up to older cancer patients
2016-02-04World Cancer Day 2016: a global perspective from the ICR
2016-02-04Transforming drug discovery with an explosion of big data
2016-02-04My reflections on The Death of Cancer
2016-02-04The death of cancer? Part 1: the birth of effective drug therapy
2016-02-03Plans unveiled for UK’s new global hub for cancer research and treatment
2016-02-02ICR sells portion of its projected abiraterone royalties
2016-02-01Chemotherapy drug boosts survival for newly diagnosed prostate cancer
2016-01-29How predictable is cancer?
2016-01-28Obama’s cancer challenge and the audacity of hope
2016-01-27Scientists identify genetic cause of myeloma bone disease
2016-01-26The genomics revolution and why we need to be smarter in our use of genetic data
2016-01-25The strange case of the ‘self-curing’ cancer
2016-01-22ICR at the London Festival of Genomics
2016-01-22Are changes to cancer medicine policy on the horizon?
2016-01-18Does imaging have a role in cancer evolution?
2016-01-18Scientists identify protein used by breast tumours to ‘radicalise’ normal cells and spread cancer
2016-01-18ICR donors give a fantastic £12m for cancer research in 2015
2016-01-18Laws of nature predict cancer evolution
2016-01-14Doubt over high-pressure oxygen for radiotherapy-induced gastrointestinal symptoms
2016-01-11MRI technique offers painless follow-up for prostate cancer patients
2016-01-06Dose-finding studies for some targeted drugs need to be refined
2016-01-06A year in cancer research - we look back at some of the highlights of 2015
2016-01-04More, better new drugs: five ways the system must change
2016-01-04Biggest database for cancer drug discovery goes 3D
2015-12-28A quarter of common brain cancer risk comes from inherited genetic faults
2015-12-24Mapping cancer’s ‘social networks’ opens new approaches to treatment
2015-12-22A year in cancer research - we look back at some of the highlights of 2015
2015-12-18T-VEC becomes first viral immunotherapy approved in Europe
2015-12-17Scientists discover how tumours hijack body’s wound healing process
2015-12-17Every picture tells a story
2015-12-16ICR recognised as a top spot for pharmacology and drug discovery in the UK
2015-12-15ICR recognised as a top spot for pharmacology in the UK
2015-12-14Mock trials, 3D printers and strawberry DNA – the ICR opens its doors to local students in Sutton
2015-12-14Local protein factories make cancer cells motile
2015-12-14NICE announces latest drug decisions – and it's mixed news for cancer drugs
2015-12-11NICE announces latest drug decisions – and its mixed news for cancer drugs
2015-12-10ICR wins prestigious award for openness in animal research communication
2015-12-10NICE makes decisions on use of three innovative cancer drugs on NHS: ICR statement
2015-12-09Imaging test detects aggressive and treatment-resistant cancers
2015-12-07Highlights of the year, 2015
2015-12-04The ICR opens its doors to schools across Sutton
2015-12-03‘Master switch’ helps cancer cells survive stress
2015-12-02Carols by Candlelight
2015-12-02What’s luck got to do with it?
2015-12-01Targeting cancers’ weak spot: DNA repair mechanisms
2015-11-30ICR donors celebrate a year of scientific discovery
2015-11-30New computational test predicts ovarian cancer survival
2015-11-27New drug combination treats kidney cancers
2015-11-26The Climb of Life beats £100,000 target
2015-11-26Happigenetics – a marriage of art and science
2015-11-25Ecological technique to find cancer-tracking immune cells predicts breast cancer survival
2015-11-25ICR video celebrates Mel Greaves’ Lifetime Achievement Award
2015-11-20ICR video celebrates Mel Greaves’s Lifetime Achievement Award
2015-11-19Statement about plans to reform Cancer Drugs Fund
2015-11-18Why inequality in science isn’t just letting women down, but science too
2015-11-18Why inequality in science isn’t just letting women down, but science too
2015-11-18A Royal visit to our partner hospital
2015-11-17MRI could detect head and neck cancer’s resistant cores
2015-11-13Using radiotracers to spy on cancer’s secrets
2015-11-12Bringing together germline and tumour genetic information for patient benefit
2015-11-12Our Centre for Evolution and Cancer
2015-11-11Blood test detects when hormone treatment for breast cancer stops working
2015-11-10Set-back for off-patent drugs as MPs fail to support new Bill
2015-11-09New genetic cause of a childhood kidney cancer discovered
2015-11-05The quiet revolution: how high-frequency sound waves are being used to treat cancer pain
2015-11-05As the 2015 NCRI conference draws to a close – what have we learned?
2015-11-04Mentors, motivations, mutations – and more to come from Mel
2015-11-04Blood test picks out prostate cancer drug resistance
2015-11-04On the path to personalising radionuclide therapy
2015-11-03Changes urged to radiotherapy practice that could save NHS tens of millions per year
2015-11-02Professor Mel Greaves wins Cancer Research UK Lifetime Achievement Award
2015-11-02A house divided: should we be focusing on the causes of breast cancer, or action to prevent it?
2015-11-01Welcome to the UK’s largest cancer conference
2015-10-30Putting off-patent drugs back to work
2015-10-28What is it like to study at the UK’s leading academic research centre?
2015-10-28Landmark clinical trial shows gene-targeted drug can treat prostate cancer
2015-10-27Genetic testing could identify men at a 10-fold increased risk of testicular cancer
2015-10-26Chemical probe to dissect role of potential cancer-causing proteins
2015-10-23What success looks like in the War on Cancer
2015-10-23T-VEC becomes first viral immunotherapy recommended for approval in Europe
2015-10-22Study identifies new treatment target in BRCA2-mutant prostate cancer
2015-10-21Test could predict whether breast cancer will spread to the brain
2015-10-20Another successful year for the ICR team at the Royal Parks Half Marathon
2015-10-19Sounding an early warning of cancer’s return
2015-10-16ICR scientists set to conquer Mount Snowdon for research into rare teenage cancer
2015-10-16New test to predict relapse of testicular cancer
2015-10-15New test could help personalise treatment for common childhood cancer
2015-10-15Blood test could match cancer patients to best treatments
2015-10-13Abiraterone made available earlier for men in Scotland
2015-10-12How Nobel Prize winning research is helping us to treat cancer
2015-10-12Scientists uncover four different types of bowel cancer
2015-10-09Putting the pieces together: a jigsaw puzzle approach to treating cancer
2015-10-08How the elephant got less cancer (and other stories)
2015-10-08Gene may explain elephants’ surprisingly low cancer rate
2015-10-07HPV or not HPV, and what this means for throat cancer treatment
2015-10-05New Head of Cancer Therapeutics sets sights on cancers of unmet need
2015-10-02What we learned from Europe’s largest cancer conference
2015-10-02The huge hole in the ground that is set to revolutionise radiotherapy
2015-10-01Major study finds five new genetic variants linked to brain cancer
2015-09-28Fewer, larger radiotherapy doses prove effective for prostate cancer patients
2015-09-28HRT safe and perhaps beneficial in women treated for ovarian cancer, major trial shows
2015-09-28Hormone replacement therapy and cancer – and where our new study fits in
2015-09-25Understanding why some men still die from testicular cancer
2015-09-24Europe’s biggest cancer conference takes a big picture view of cancer drug discovery
2015-09-23Tom Bowdidge Foundation gives £250,000 for rare cancer research
2015-09-22Collaborating for cancer – finding common ground to cure childhood cancers
2015-09-22Rare variants are not so rare after all, new study finds
2015-09-18How a simple change in dosing has made radiotherapy for breast cancer better and cheaper
2015-09-18Sir Kenneth Stowe, former ICR Chairman and senior civil servant, dies
2015-09-17Professor Nazneen Rahman featured in list of London’s most influential people
2015-09-16Cancer genes control the way cells get fat
2015-09-15Five key points on cancer drug pricing
2015-09-11New Head of Cancer Biology to target cancer cell division
2015-09-09Nearly half of testicular cancer risk comes from inherited genetic faults
2015-09-08Breast cancer test could spare some women from unnecessary chemotherapy
2015-08-27Shape-shifting cells can take detours to drive skin cancer metastasis
2015-08-26New ‘mutation-tracking’ blood test could predict breast cancer relapse months in advance
2015-08-21Summer students, and the surprising role they play in cancer research
2015-08-21ICR among the world’s most innovative universities in new league tables
2015-08-20Imaging probe outperforms the best external detector for early cervical cancer
2015-08-19Why I value being a patient advocate – and how it can shape clinical trial design
2015-08-17ICR competes in University Challenge for the first time
2015-08-17Genetic test could improve blood cancer treatment
2015-08-13A step forward in our campaign to increase children’s access to new drugs
2015-08-11Professor Chris Marshall, 1949–2015
2015-08-10ICR mourns loss of Research Director Professor Chris Marshall
2015-08-06The displays bringing the ICR’s history – and the role played in it by women – back to life
2015-08-05Professor Paul Workman comments on further draft guidance for olaparib
2015-08-04Judging at the TeenTech finals
2015-07-31Treating testicular cancer in men with Down syndrome
2015-07-31Lucy’s Gratitude Walk to raise funds for the ICR
2015-07-30Creative types
2015-07-29Professor Kevin Harrington to star in BBC2’s Trust me, I’m a Doctor
2015-07-29MR Linac promises to revolutionise radiotherapy
2015-07-27Drugs for worms and river blindness could treat breast cancer
2015-07-24Oestrogen-suppressing drugs substantially reduce breast cancer deaths
2015-07-24Socrates and apoptosis
2015-07-23New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer
2015-07-22Resistance to cancer drug found to occur naturally in the breast
2015-07-21New ‘TripAdvisor’ site to address use of substandard biomedical research tools
2015-07-21Ensuring biomedical research is gold standard – through better use of chemical probes
2015-07-20The rocky road to developing new children’s cancer treatments
2015-07-13Word processing for mankind
2015-07-10Computational chemistry – designing drugs by evolution
2015-07-09Professor Stan Kaye honoured with students at annual awards
2015-07-08Plan your child’s future – because you never know when sci-fi becomes true
2015-07-06Gala fundraising dinner raises thousands for research into cancer
2015-07-06Structural biology – mapping the intricate configuration of proteins – provides a classic example of the benefits of bas...
2015-07-06ICR gala fundraising dinner raises £250,000 for research into cancer
2015-07-03Removing protein slows blood vessel growth in tumours
2015-07-03How we're fighting neuroblastoma
2015-07-02Scientists advance cancer drug design with image of one of key proteins of life
2015-07-01How removing a protein slows blood vessel growth in tumours
2015-07-01Why ‘basic research’ is critical for understanding and treating cancer
2015-06-30Why ‘basic research’ is critical for understanding and treating cancer
2015-06-29Re-inventing the finger
2015-06-25New radiotherapy technique could target prostate cancer while reducing side-effects
2015-06-22New use for routine test could improve prediction of breast cancer recurrence
2015-06-19The NHS ‘bottleneck’ for new cancer drugs
2015-06-15New charity Breast Cancer Now acts to eradicate deaths from breast cancer by 2050
2015-06-15First comprehensive map of breast cancer spread may help find new treatments
2015-06-12Five ways we’ve been talking about animal research
2015-06-12Study links gene to aggressive form of brain cancer
2015-06-10Statement about NICE draft guidance on enzalutamide
2015-06-05A glassful of science
2015-06-03Mutations disrupting a growth-controlling enzyme implicated in a new childhood overgrowth condition
2015-06-03Disappointing week for first cancer drug targeted at an inherited genetic fault
2015-06-02Illuminating insights and innovative ideas at the world’s largest cancer conference
2015-06-02Lives without cancer
2015-06-01Drug combination controls breast cancer for over twice as long
2015-06-01Statement about rejection of olaparib by NICE
2015-05-29Top cancer conference gives ICR researchers chance to share and learn
2015-05-28Why infection may cause childhood leukaemia – and prevent it
2015-05-28Sleeping cancer cells can ‘wake up’ after decades
2015-05-27Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers
2015-05-26World first as viral immunotherapy for skin cancer shows patient benefit in Phase III trial
2015-05-21Scientists unveil prostate cancer’s ‘Rosetta Stone’
2015-05-21Delivering a step change in children’s cancer trials
2015-05-20Taking the worry out of cancer screening
2015-05-20Combining targeted cancer drugs is best when used to the max
2015-05-19UK-US study compares radiotherapy with proton therapy in childhood cancer
2015-05-15Less pain, more gain?
2015-05-13The ongoing battle with melanoma
2015-05-13Scientists identify a new strategy to kill cancer cells
2015-05-11I’m a Scientist: Get me out of here!
2015-05-08RAS proteins – common, cancer-causing, and can’t be drugged?
2015-05-07Drug improves quality of life in men with advanced prostate cancer
2015-05-06New drugs could stop skin cancer from spreading
2015-05-06ICR mourns leading molecular biologist Alan Hall, 1952–2015
2015-05-05Trial of new ‘resistance-busting’ skin cancer drug begins as first patient receives treatment
2015-05-04Different worlds, but one event to drive forward drug discovery
2015-05-01ICR's children's cancer researchers inspire donors and fundraisers
2015-04-30An opportunity to help – and judge – the scientists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow
2015-04-28Why some childhood cancers are examples of ‘big bang’ evolution
2015-04-28London Marathon runners raise thousands for the ICR
2015-04-23Genetic ‘signature’ points to poor blood cancer outcome
2015-04-23ICR PhD student wins Women in Cancer Research Award
2015-04-23What’s hot as one of cancer’s biggest events draws to a close for another year?
2015-04-22The versatility of ultrasound – from bats to battling cancer
2015-04-21Trial shows benefit of ‘BRCA-targeting’ drug in prostate cancer
2015-04-17ICR researchers set off for prestigious international cancer conference
2015-04-16Making school children excited about science
2015-04-14Over drinks, three ICR researchers talk science
2015-04-13Using the seeds of cancer to guide treatment strategies
2015-04-08Genetic screening could improve breast cancer prevention
2015-04-07An unusual, ethical evening at the Science Museum
2015-04-02Mapping the evolutionary road to metastasis
2015-04-01Consortium signs deal with Basilea to develop resistance-busting cancer drugs
2015-04-01Scientists drill down to genetic root of prostate tumour development
2015-03-31Professor Paul Workman to co-host ‘Horizons in Cancer Drug Discovery’
2015-03-27Revealed: secrets of an 80s cancer gene
2015-03-26New role uncovered for ‘oldest’ tumour suppressor gene
2015-03-25Detecting cancer cells in blood can give an early warning of treatment failure
2015-03-25High hopes for hypofractionation in search for cheaper, better radiotherapy
2015-03-25Using multiple imaging measures could improve prostate cancer diagnosis
1900-01-01Sperm and egg gene implicated in breast cancer
1900-01-01Taking some of the uncertainties out of cancer surgery
1900-01-01World-first cancer drugs could work in larger group of patients
1900-01-01Discovery Club members supporting the next generation of cancer researchers
1900-01-01Seven things you learn while surrounded by data
1900-01-01Physics: unlocking the mysteries of tumours
1900-01-013D drug design leads to potent new drug candidate
1900-01-01Discussing personalised cancer medicine with the aid of glitter glue, Jenga, and some locked-away sweets
1900-01-01New scan ‘feels’ stiffness or stretchiness of tumours
1900-01-01How children miss out on the latest cancer drugs – and a year in childhood cancer research
1900-01-01‘Wounds that never heal’ – cancer, the immune system, and a century of research
1900-01-01Manipulating cells’ shapes could treat breast cancer
1900-01-01‘Stem cell’ test could identify most aggressive breast cancers
1900-01-01Healthy-looking prostate cells mask cancer-causing mutations
1900-01-01Cancer-targeting virus gives surprising boost to other skin cancer treatments
1900-01-01ICR co-ordinates sector-wide Telegraph letter on childhood cancer drugs rules
1900-01-01New breast cancer test links immune ‘hotspots’ to better survival
1900-01-01Scientists find cancer weak spots for new targeted drugs
1900-01-01Cancer risk linked to DNA ‘wormholes’
1900-01-01Why we need more women at the top of science
1900-01-01In modern cancer treatment, are two drugs better than one?
1900-01-01Sandwiches, the pancreas and cancer’s bullying of healthy cells
1900-01-01Scan tunes out interference to detect cancer metabolism
1900-01-01Panorama’s behind the scenes glimpse at how science benefits cancer patients – and vice versa
1900-01-01BBC’s Panorama is a tale of partnership, patients and personalised medicine
1900-01-01Paul Workman visits Boston with London Mayor Boris Johnson
1900-01-01Statement on today’s rejection of abiraterone before chemotherapy by the Scottish Medicines Consortium
1900-01-01ICR and The Royal Marsden to star in BBC Panorama documentary
1900-01-01Two major studies strengthen case for prostate cancer drug before chemotherapy
1900-01-01Major study links two new genetic variants to breast cancer
1900-01-01Simple tweak to MRI could sharpen images of cancers
1900-01-01Universities must support networking for women in science, says Professor Paul Workman
1900-01-01Scientists find previously unknown survival signals that can keep cancer cells alive
1900-01-01For rare cancers like mine, research has to go international
1900-01-01‘Bad’ genetic changes outweigh ‘good’ for blood cancer patients
1900-01-01Using sound waves to zap away cancer
1900-01-01Cancer drugs should be licensed on smaller trials to cut prices
1900-01-01Targeted treatments, big data and the pros and cons of having your genome sequenced
1900-01-01Chris Lucas Trust donates £300,000 to rhabdomyosarcoma research
1900-01-01Major study links gene to drug resistance in testicular cancer
1900-01-01Sound waves being used to heat-treat cancer pain
1900-01-01Using micro-RNAs in cancer research: little strands of genetic material with big promise
1900-01-01Grandfather’s memory inspires challenge to Mount Kilimanjaro
1900-01-013D assays, genetic tests going mainstream and new ‘epigenetic’ drugs – ICR researchers gaze into their crystal balls
1900-01-01New pathway identified for debilitating skin condition
1900-01-01Identical twins reveal new clues to origins of childhood leukaemia
1900-01-01Research identifies new system for predicting treatment outcome in breast cancer
1900-01-01ICR now top in clinical medicine too in new REF ranking
1900-01-01ICR donor supports pioneering research into cancer evolution
1900-01-01Scientists develop new software using avatars to picture the complexity of cancer cells
1900-01-01Scientists discover how tumours take over healthy blood vessels
1900-01-01Study makes case for wider gene testing in bowel cancer
1900-01-01Our most read news stories of 2014
1900-01-01Our most read blogs of 2014
1900-01-01Trial finds cancer drug can block key signal in cancer growth and drug resistance
1900-01-01ICR donors give a record £12m for cancer research
1900-01-01ICR welcomes olaparib approval by European Medicines Agency
1900-01-01Scientists map out how childhood brain tumours relapse
1900-01-01Boris Johnson hails ICR as ‘creative powerhouse’ as it tops university table
1900-01-01Huge team effort on REF is rewarded by a fantastic result and memorable week
1900-01-01Mayor of London visits The Institute of Cancer Research
1900-01-01ICR tops league table of university excellence
1900-01-01Scientists use 3D printing to make replica organs for enhanced radiotherapy
1900-01-01Why patients need to be involved in using data to transform cancer care
1900-01-01Combination therapy could be effective against resistant childhood cancer
1900-01-01Major trial finds better treatment for some women with familial and triple negative breast cancer
1900-01-01Looks can be deceiving: high grade glioma in children and adults
1900-01-01New targeted drugs could treat drug-resistant skin cancer
1900-01-01Celebrities support cancer research at ICR’s ‘Carols from Chelsea’
1900-01-01Test assesses whether immune system is holding cancer in check
1900-01-01How three generations of precision medicine are transforming lung cancer
1900-01-01New software helps radiotherapy track moving tumours
1900-01-01ICR’s scientific creativity celebrated at the third annual reception of The Discovery Club
1900-01-01Fine tuning radiotherapy for breakthroughs in treating bladder cancer
1900-01-01What we need to be successful in team science
1900-01-01Picking out the year's 10 most exciting discoveries in cancer research
1900-01-01The Climb of Life event reaches new heights
1900-01-01Blood test could pick up genetic echoes of lifestyle risk for cancer
1900-01-01Scientists discover way to target rare breast cancer mutation
1900-01-01ICR supporters take on the Berlin Marathon
1900-01-01ICR research takes a step closer to patients as olaparib is assessed for NHS
1900-01-01New research leader pledges three-pronged attack on cancer evolution and drug resistance
1900-01-01Structural study reveals clues of cancer-causing protein
1900-01-01“Three solutions to cancer’s drug resistance” – Professor Paul Workman visits China
1900-01-01Genetic testing could improve breast cancer prevention
1900-01-01Prostate cancer: entering a golden age of research
1900-01-01How I convinced my audience that personalised medicine can change the world
1900-01-01Day three at the UK’s biggest cancer conference: clinical trials, metabolomics, and targeted therapies
1900-01-01Finding the right target for liver cancer treatment
1900-01-01ICR researchers to present on topics from evolution to imaging at UK’s biggest cancer conference
1900-01-01Statement in response to the European Medicines Agency's recommendation for approval of olaparib
1900-01-01Smoke signals – tracking cancer through the metabolic signatures it gives off
1900-01-01Cancer drug discovery system is broken, global summit hears
1900-01-01How to beat cancer at the evolution game
1900-01-01Leading cancer centre receives £10 million for state-of-the-art radiotherapy machine
1900-01-01Simple blood test can quantify drug effects on protein signals to guide cancer treatment
1900-01-01Five ways that NICE could help bring innovative cancer medicines into the NHS
1900-01-01Student on a summer placement develops new way of visualising genetics data
1900-01-01ICR team scores 100% success in the Royal Parks Half Marathon
1900-01-01New cancer drug shows signs of promise in early-stage trial
1900-01-01Our international mix of PhD students learn at the front line of cancer research
1900-01-01Hitting the right target – validating new approaches for innovative cancer drugs
1900-01-01European Commission misses a chance to open a pipeline of cancer drugs to children
1900-01-01Using crystals to cure cancer
1900-01-01ICR to collaborate with Merck Serono and Wellcome Trust to co-develop anti-cancer drugs
1900-01-01NICE pauses abiraterone decision for further price discussions
1900-01-01Chemotherapy regimen shows promise against testicular cancer
1900-01-01An update on Movember’s London Centre of Excellence for Prostate Cancer
1900-01-01DNA in ‘gene deserts’ linked with breast cancer
1900-01-01Tracing a new treatment for skin cancer to its roots in ICR science
1900-01-01Statement in response to NICE approval of dabrafenib for the treatment of certain cases of advanced melanoma
1900-01-01Blood test could identify when cancer treatment has become detrimental
1900-01-01Sniffing Out Cancer
1900-01-01Celebrating the ICR’s discoveries… from the thymus gland to molecular medicine
1900-01-01Genetic testing can identify men at six-fold increased risk of prostate cancer
1900-01-01Location of cancer’s growth affects treatment effectiveness
1900-01-01Statement in response to the Government's decision to increase the Cancer Drugs Fund
1900-01-01New tool to probe cancer’s molecular make-up
1900-01-01Risk of premature menopause after cancer treatment mapped
1900-01-01Exploiting the cell cycle to improve radiotherapy outcomes
1900-01-01Statement in response to rejection of abiraterone before chemotherapy in final draft guidance from NICE
1900-01-01Mutations in a gene essential for cell regulation cause kidney cancer in children
1900-01-01Cancer drug improves quality of life in men with incurable prostate cancer
1900-01-01Childhood brain tumours: breakthrough could speed new treatments
1900-01-01Doing cancer research – In pictures
1900-01-01Cause of rare childhood cancer discovered
1900-01-01The babies who cure themselves of cancer
1900-01-01Viral therapy could boost limb-saving cancer treatment
1900-01-01Scientists map one of most important proteins in life – and cancer
1900-01-01How our new website will open a window to the ICR's science
1900-01-01ICR launches new website to showcase its world-class research
1900-01-01Darwinian evolution: from dinosaurs to cancer drug resistance
1900-01-01How ‘big’ genetic screens are finding the answers to resistance to cancer treatments
1900-01-01Signal may send cancer’s cellular factories into overdrive
1900-01-01Patenting – not always black and white
1900-01-01Could circulating tumour cells be the swiss army knife of cancer markers?
1900-01-01Mapping the biodiversity of tumours
1900-01-01ICR awards ceremony celebrates achievements of new cancer research graduates
1900-01-01Tuberculosis protein helps spot breast cancer’s signals
1900-01-01The ICR is part of a healthy future for medical research
1900-01-01Prostate cancer survival: the legacy of Charles Huggins
1900-01-01Being open about animal research
1900-01-01NHS watchdog changes could endanger new cancer drugs
1900-01-01NICE blocks earlier use of abiraterone
1900-01-01Cancer cell, kill thyself
1900-01-01ICR tops rankings for invention income earned from its research
1900-01-01High-tech radiotherapy, drug combinations and immunotherapy showcased as future of cancer treatment
1900-01-01New technology to allow simultaneous tumour imaging and radiotherapy treatment
1900-01-01ICR commits to openness on animal research
1900-01-01Smokers with gene defect have one in four chance of developing lung cancer
1900-01-01Exposure to light while sleeping linked to obesity
1900-01-0150th ASCO conference welcomes presenters from the ICR
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.