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The ABPI represents innovative research-based biopharmaceutical companies, large, medium and small, leading an exciting new era of biosciences in the UK. Our industry, a major contributor to the economy of the UK, brings life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients. Our members supply 90 per cent of all medicines used by the NHS, and are researching and developing over two-thirds of the current medicines pipeline, ensuring that the UK remains at the forefront of helping patients prevent and overcome diseases. The ABPI is recognised by government as the industry body negotiating on behalf of the branded pharmaceutical industry, for statutory consultation requirements including the pricing scheme for medicines in the UK.
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2017-10-03Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership Chair responds to Budget
2017-08-03Spring Budget 2017: Reaction from the UK pharmaceutical industry
2017-06-03PwC analysis highlights economic footprint of UK Life Sciences
2017-05-04ABPI responds to House of Lords Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS Committee report
2017-03-02Medicines evaluation not keeping pace with scientific progress, says ABPI
2017-01-04New medicines to be prioritised in Europe over Britain, warn leading pharmaceutical companies
2017-01-03Pharmaceutical industry and patient group collaboration 'absolutely appropriate', says ABPI
2016-12-21ABPI response to Change Britain research on EU Clinical Trials Directive and impact on clinical research
2016-12-16ABPI supports parliamentary event showcasing UK businesses developing new medicines, devices and diagnostics for patient...
2016-12-14ABPI response to Dr Montgomery's Review of Access to New Medicines
2016-12-07ABPI statement on Competition Markets Authority decision to fine Pfizer and Flynn Pharma for "drug price hike"
2016-12-07AstraZeneca’s Lisa Anson elected President of ABPI
2016-12-04ABPI response to NHS England announcement of 2015/16 Clinical Commissioning policy decisions, including PrEP
2016-12-01ABPI gives evidence to Exiting the EU Commons Select Committee on Brexit priorities
2016-11-29Patients health and research experts unite to put patients first in medical research
2016-11-28Collaboration is key for innovation in NHS Wales - ABPI Cymru Wales Conference
2016-11-2490 per cent of pharmaceutical industry-led clinical trials now published, says new study
2016-11-23Action Plan for UK to capture the next generation of medicines manufacturing jobs
2016-11-23UK pharmaceutical industry response to 2016 Autumn Statement
2016-11-21ABPI response to government announcement to invest £2billion in science research and development
2016-11-18Award success for ABPI schools website
2016-11-10ABPI statement on Court of Appeal PrEP ruling and NHS England response
2016-11-04ABPI response to Trials Tracker data on clinical trials
2016-11-02ABPI's Head of Science Policy named as 'Rising Star' in 2016 Biobeat report
2016-10-24Response to publication of the Accelerated Access Review
2016-10-20MPs and Peers urge constituents to go get their flu vaccine
2016-10-17UK drug discovery landscape in fundamental shift towards collaboration and open innovation
2016-09-22ABPI statement in response to Times article "Science report shelved for being ‘too pro-EU’"
2016-09-20UK pharma body welcomes action from drugs companies on Antimicrobial Resistance
2016-09-19Industry contribution to NHS medicines bill at £1.45bn, but overall spend remains flat
2016-09-15Pharma Industry apprenticeships double in 2015
2016-09-14UK pharmaceutical industry welcomes Department of Health investment into biomedical research
2016-09-05ABPI responds to the Access to Medicines Summit report from Breast Cancer Now
2016-09-01Roche set to re-join the ABPI
2016-08-15ABPI responds to the International Comparisons of Health Technology Assessment report and claims that patients are being...
2016-08-02ABPI responds to impact of High Court ruling on PrEP
2016-07-29ABPI statement on ‘go-live’ of 2016/17 Cancer Drugs Fund
2016-07-21ABPI response to Jeremy Corbyn's campaign launch speech
2016-07-20Latest figures on the use of animals in research published by the Home Office
2016-07-15ABPI response to the Public Accounts Committee report on NHS England Specialised Services
2016-07-12Establishing a new treatment fund in Wales
2016-07-07ABPI welcomes opportunity to collaborate with local NHS stakeholders and patient groups to ensure the appropriate use of...
2016-07-06The Caldicott Review marks the next stage of how to best manage and use our health and care data
2016-06-30Pharmaceutical industry spends £340.3m on working in partnership with leading UK health experts and organisations to imp...
2016-06-24“UK must send strong signal it is open for business”, ABPI responds to Britain voting to leave the European Union
2016-06-24Astellas UK: Suspended from membership of the ABPI
2016-06-22ABPI Chief Executive & senior pharmaceutical industry leaders join 1,280 businesses in signing letter to Remain
2016-06-22New report on cancer care across Europe reveals UK to be below average on cancer spend, survival rates and patient acces...
2016-06-20ABPI BMAG says new insights into biologic medicines market present a “win-win” for the NHS
2016-06-17Consultation launches the next phase of additional safety in the UK medicines supply and distribution
2015-12-21Pharmaceutical industry announces financial agreement with the Department of Health to help fund NHS’s 2016 medicines bi...
2015-12-16ABPI welcomes the publication of a new report by IMS Health on ‘The Impact of Biosimilar Competition'
2015-12-08ABPI response to Lord O’Neill’s report into antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
2015-12-04ABPI response to the Lancet Oncology article on cancer drugs pricing
2015-12-02ABPI response to new NICE guidance on the management of type 2 diabetes
2015-11-25ABPI response to the comprehensive spending review
2015-11-19ABPI response to the publication of the independent review of the UK Research Councils
2015-11-19ABPI responds to the announcement about the future of the Cancer Drugs Fund
2015-11-11UK lacks the skills to research and develop the medicines of the future
2015-11-09ABPI responds to the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into the Science Budget
2015-11-09All Party Parliamentary Group for Life Sciences CSR letter to the Chancellor, Business Secretary and Science Ministers
2015-11-05ABPI comments on delay to Cancer Drugs Fund reform
2015-10-27ABPI response to the interim report of the Accelerated Access Review
2015-10-22ABPI response to the Home Office's 2014 Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals
2015-10-14Westminster Flu Day, MPs and Peers support flu vaccination
2015-10-14ABPI statement in response to David Cameron’s comments on the price of UK medicines during Prime Minister’s Questions
2015-10-13ABPI comments on the official launch of NICE’s new Office for Market Access
2015-10-12Healthcare professionals believe payments received from pharmaceutical industry should be transparent
2015-10-02ABPI responds to the new Innovation Scorecard
2015-09-28New guide published to support transparent and effective engagement between the pharmaceutical industry and charities
2015-09-24ABPI responds to recent press reports on the price of medicines in the UK
2015-09-24Industry trade associations join forces to support ground-breaking collaboration on biosimilar medicines
2015-09-23Consider a career in clinical pharmacology
2015-09-21FORUM workshop on ‘real world evidence’
2015-09-18ABPI statement on clinical trial transparency?
2015-09-17ABPI responds to the National Audit Office Investigation into the Cancer Drugs Fund
2015-09-10ABPI Statement on the Department of Health Consultation on Changes to the Statutory Scheme
2015-09-08NICE recommends to maintain medicines access for patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis
2015-09-07Industry pays a further £209 million to underwrite medicines bill in second quarter of 2015
2015-09-04The ABPI responds to the Cancer Drugs Fund delisting decisions announced by NHS England
2015-08-24ABPI welcomes Jeremy Hunt’s ‘Sunshine Rule’ as a positive addition to industry’s disclosure initiative
2015-08-21ABPI and DH joint statement on the 2014 PPRS
2015-08-20ABPI comments on molecular diagnostic provision report
2015-08-12ABPI supports NICE implementation resource on biosimilar infliximab
2015-08-10ABPI comments on £18m support for Biomedical Catalyst
2015-08-05ABPI to work with IMS Health and C&C Group to deliver disclosure database
2015-07-31Discontinuation of unaccredited ABPI exam
2015-07-29ABPI appoints Sandra Auld as ABPI Scotland Director
2015-07-28ABPI statement on Health Research Authority and Richmond Pharmacology
2015-07-24ABPI position on the second consultation draft NICE type 2 diabetes guideline
2015-07-24Working with healthcare professionals is critical for the future of medicine
2015-07-22ABPI appoints Richard Torbett as new Executive Director – Commercial UK
2015-07-21ABPI responds to NHS England's proposals for the Cancer Drugs Fund
2015-07-20ABPI responds to NHS England’s Cancer Strategy Taskforce report
2015-07-20All Party Parliamentary Group established to raise profile of UK Life Sciences sector
2015-07-15Last aggregate payments to healthcare professionals published before new database unveiled in 2016
2015-07-13ABPI welcomes national network of Precision Medicine Catapult in Cambridge
2015-07-01ABPI welcomes medicine pricing on packs
2015-06-19NICE proposes to maintain medicines access for patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis
2015-06-12A drive to find efficiencies should create the headroom for innovation
2015-06-08Industry pays £207 million to underwrite medicines bill in first quarter of 2015
2015-06-05ABPI welcomes IPPR report on ‘unleashing innovation’ in the NHS
2015-06-03ABPI launches members’ guide to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK
2015-05-22Cancer Drugs Fund remains a sticking plaster covering a seeping wound
2015-05-18ABPI Scotland comment on the Scottish Government’s decision to double the New Medicines Fund to £80 million
2015-05-14Third O’Neill report opens debate on long term solution for AMR
2015-05-06New study shows clinical trial transparency improving
2015-05-06ABPI appoints Dr Jacintha Sivarajah as Head of Medical Affairs
2015-04-29ABPI responds to Royal Society of Medicine paper on regulation of the pharmaceutical industry
2015-04-24John Kearney takes up post as ABPI President
2015-04-15Falsified Medicines Directive and European Stakeholder Model Interim Memorandum of Understanding agreed by UK stakeholde...
2015-04-02Patient safety is paramount in prescribing
2015-03-30New Government report shows UK continues to lag in access to new medicines
2015-03-27New report recognises the potential of the UK’s influence in reengineering medicines
2015-03-26ABPI and BIA welcome the MMIP’s successful campaign to get funding for exciting new manufacturing design processes proje...
2015-03-18ABPI wins review of Entrepreneurs Relief in 2015 Budget
2015-03-12£310 million payment made by industry in 2014 to underwrite the medicines bill
2015-03-12New report shows cost-cutting and lack of leadership to blame for poor outcomes for diabetes patients
2015-03-11ABPI welcomes genomics medical breakthrough
2015-03-11ABPI welcomes approval of first medicine under Early Access to Medicines Scheme
2015-03-11ABPI welcomes announcement of Chair of the Innovative Medicines and Medtech Review
2015-03-05The challenges and changes needed to reengineer medicines development in the UK
2015-03-04ABPI responds to NICE diabetes guidelines
2015-03-03PPRS and medicines optimisation roadshows launched by the ABPI and NHS England
2015-02-26ABPI welcomes Santen UK
2015-02-24Primacy of the UK medicines’ regulatory system must be protected
2015-02-19NICE research misses the point of healthcare funding
2015-02-09ABPI announces new President
2015-01-30ABPI responds to publication of Government Consultation on Statutory Scheme
2015-01-26ABPI appoints Dr Virginia Acha as new RM&I Director
2015-01-15NAO report confirms cancer patients in England have poorer access to medicines than those in Europe
2015-01-15New case study shows supportive environment for UK medicine manufacturers
2015-01-12ABPI extremely disappointed with NHSE CDF delisting decision
2015-01-09“We deplore any decision to restrict or remove patient access to cancer medicines"
1970-01-01Reputation of the pharmaceutical industry a key focus for new ABPI President
1970-01-01New Government ‘must be more ambitious in securing a world-class NHS’, says UK pharmaceutical industry
1970-01-01UK pharmaceutical industry response to a snap General Election
1970-01-01ABPI responds to NHS Five Year Forward View
1970-01-01Brexit: UK pharmaceutical industry statement on the triggering of Article 50
1970-01-01Pharmaceutical Industry Disclosure UK: six month figures show increase in research spend and lower than estimated number...
1970-01-01ABPI Wales responds to Welsh Government Statement: Response to The Independent Review of the Individual Patient Funding ...
1970-01-01Medicines manufacturing can be high growth sector for UK economy of the future
1970-01-01New plan to delay use of cost-effective medicines breaks Government’s Manifesto promise and breaches patient rights unde...
1970-01-01Obituary: Dr Richard Tiner MBBS DRCOG PFPM
1970-01-01New partnership set to help ‘transform’ access to medicines for patients in Greater Manchester
1970-01-01Independent review confirms rigour of ABPI exam for UK sales representatives
1970-01-01Norgine UK re-joins ABPI
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.