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2015-10-01Partnering for brain research
2015-09-23Diving into personalized medicine series: Star Trek, big data and protecting patient privacy
2015-09-04Turning knowledge into value for patients
2015-09-03Study: Gut bacteria influences the immune system
2015-08-04Connecting Europe's neurology rising stars
2015-07-31Half Year Report 2015: core medicines deliver strong growth
2015-07-28What do patients want?
2015-07-24UCB recognised for cell research
2015-07-22World Brain Day puts spotlight on epilepsy
2015-07-07New "Neurology" article shows value of online patient networks
2015-06-29Going the extra mile for epilepsy in Africa
2015-06-25UCB symposium: early Parkinson's treatment can improve outcomes
2015-06-24UCB leads Life Science event during Belgian Royal visit to China
2015-06-23How could we help reduce hospitalisation rates for people with epilepsy?
2015-06-17Bringing medicines to Parkinson's patients around the world
2015-06-15Demonstrating our scientific excellence and commitment to rheumatology: UCB at EULAR 2015
2015-06-11What role does immune system play in brain diseases?
2015-06-11What role does the immune system play in brain diseases?
2015-06-05Cycling French champion leads the fight against epilepsy
2015-06-03Facebook page opens new channel for inspiration
2015-05-28Family planning for women with immunological conditions
2015-05-19UCB recognised for science and skills
2015-05-13What funding is available from UCB?
2015-05-11Dance therapy helping Parkinson's patients in Ukraine
2015-05-08Raising awareness of lupus
2015-05-06Digital innovators rethink epilepsy care
2015-05-04Supporting neuroscience, sharing results
2015-04-30UCB off to a good start
2015-04-28Innovation through collaboration
2015-04-10World Parkinson’s Disease Day
2015-04-08Making research data truly accessible
2015-04-02UK scientists team up with UCB in search of new monoclonal antibodies
2015-03-30We must do better for Parkinson's patients
2015-03-25'Purple Day': how one girl's campaign is raising epilepsy awareness
2015-03-25'Purple Day®': how one girl's campaign is raising epilepsy awareness
2015-03-16Spanish football stars supporting epilepsy goal
2015-03-11Immunology Summit puts spotlight on the total burden of disease
2015-03-10Sharing medical knowhow, boosting patient care
2015-02-27Reflecting on 2014
2015-02-19Disease classification must catch up with science
2015-02-091st International Epilepsy Day
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma
Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.