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Vaxon Biotech

Vaxon Biotech, based in Paris, France, is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic cancer vaccines based on optimized cryptic peptides. Kostas Kosmatopoulos, Vaxon’s founder, invented the proprietary technology for effective cryptic peptide vaccines. Based on Vaxon’s optimized cryptic peptide vaccine platform, the company has developed a pipeline of therapeutic cancer vaccines, led by Vx-001, for which a Phase IIb trial has successfully completed, and Vx-006, now in Phase I development. Vaxon has received funding support from INSERM, Genopole, OSEO and the French government. Vaxon was granted orphan designation for the treatment of TERT positive NSCLC in HLA-A2 positive patients by the EMA and the FDA.
Category: Biotech
Category: Biotech

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