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AMRA is a global medical health technology company that was established in 2010 at Linköping University, Sweden as the first in the world to transform MR images into precise body composition measurements AMRA’s pioneering solution to body composition analysis, the AMRATM Profiler Research, is a cloud-based, computer-aided body composition measurement service that is redefining obesity measurements by accurately and cost effectively calculating muscle volumes as well as different type of fat compartments in the body, such as visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue and thigh muscle volumes, based on a 5-10 minutes MRI scan. Through international collaboration with academics, the life science industry and physicians, AMRA aims to provide precise advanced phenotyping to better enable healthcare professionals and medical researchers predict and prevent global health challenges, including obesity and liver disease. Furthermore, the company’s game-changing approach provides the opportunity for precision medicine in therapeutic product investigation within the clinical trial setting, as well as the potential for personalised individual treatment.
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Category: Devices

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Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.