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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the independent body responsible for driving improvement and excellence in the health and social care system. We develop guidance, standards and information on high-quality health and social care. We also advise on ways to promote healthy living and prevent ill health. Our aim is to help practitioners deliver the best possible care and give people the most effective treatments, which are based on the most up-to-date evidence and provide value for money, in order to reduce inequalities and variation. Our products and resources are produced for the NHS, local authorities, care providers, charities, and anyone who has a responsibility for commissioning or providing healthcare, public health or social care services.
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2017-08-04Pancreatic cancer patients to have routine access to life extending drug after new deal, says NICE
2017-08-02Roche invited to submit a CDF proposal for urothelial cancer drug
2017-08-01Autistic people will receive better care if GPs develop a national register, says NICE
2017-07-27Statins should be offered to everyone who has chronic kidney disease, says NICE
2017-07-27£3 a day drug for irritable bowel syndrome gets NICE approval
2017-07-27New NICE advice about when to give antibiotics for common infections
2017-07-26NICE approval for nivolumab provides new treatment for advanced blood cancer
2017-07-24Managing conflicts of interest – making good decisions
2017-07-19NICE approves more tolerable treatment for blood cancer
2017-07-13New improved BNF and BNFC app launched
2017-07-10A new treatment option for people with kidney cancer
2017-07-05Strensiq new deal paves way for NICE approval of life saving drug
2017-07-05New Strensiq deal paves way for NICE approval of life saving drug
2017-07-03NHS needs more advanced paramedics to ease A & E pressure, says NICE
2017-06-30'No idling' zones can help to protect vulnerable people from air pollution, says NICE
2017-06-28Cancer Drugs Fund driving early access to promising new treatments
2017-06-27NICE Launches a competition for developers of healthcare technologies
2017-06-26More people who can get the flu jab for free should be vaccinated, says NICE
2017-06-22NICE approves COPD treatment roflumilast for routine NHS use
2017-06-19New programme will assess how digital therapies can help treat anxiety and depression
2017-06-16New type of treatment for Crohn’s disease is approved by NICE
2017-06-15Kadcyla new deal for breast cancer patients given green light in final draft guidance
2017-06-13NICE to work with partners on developing new ways to measure quality of life across health and social care
2017-05-30NICE to launch new evidence tool for medtech product developers
2017-04-25NICE during the pre-election period
2017-04-18Terminally ill children should have access to around-the-clock homecare, says NICE
2017-04-11NICE says head and neck cancer drug is not cost effective
2017-04-11Test people for infections as they enter prison, says NICE
2017-04-06Councils and sexual health services should consider providing free condoms to reduce STIs, says NICE
2017-04-04Changes to NICE drug appraisals: what you need to know
2017-03-28Emerging technology which aims to improve muscle movement is NICE’s 100th medtech innovation briefing
2017-03-28NICE says pancreatic cancer drug is not cost effective for routine NHS use
2017-03-27HIV testing should be seen as routine practice, says NICE in new draft quality standard
2017-03-24NICE plays key role in European project to help give better care to patients with blood cancers
2016-09-19NICE guidance to help children and families open up about domestic violence
2016-07-07NICE Forum 2016 in tweets
2016-06-20David Haslam: Getting the guidance right
2016-04-13Elaine Inglesby Burke joins NICE Board
2016-03-31NICE in numbers - January to March 2016
2016-02-24Mechanical clot retrieval - 3 patient stories
2016-01-18NICE releases safe staffing evidence reviews
2015-07-12NICE recommends edoxaban tosylate (Lixiana) for treating and preventing potentially fatal blood clots
2015-07-10NICE recommends treatment for severe Crohn’s disease
2015-07-08Raising awareness of life-threatening heart condition
2015-07-03NICE issues standard on reducing the harm from smoking
2015-06-27NICE publishes evidence summary on eculizumab (Soliris) for treating rare kidney condition
2015-06-25Supporting people who need social care, as they move between hospital and home: NICE consults on draft guidance
2015-06-24NICE consults on dry eye treatment and asks for more information from the company
2015-06-23Saving more lives from cancer: NICE publishes updated guidance to help GPs and patients
2015-06-18NICE seeks more information on treatment for adults with leukaemia
2015-06-10NICE publishes new quality standards
2015-06-09NICE asks for more information on vortioxetine (Brintellix) for major depressive disorder
2015-06-05NICE publishes draft guidance for two prostate cancer treatments
2015-06-03NICE issues final diagnostics guidance on prostate cancer tests and consults on draft guidance on tests for bacterial in...
2015-06-03NICE asks company for further information on drug for rare inherited disease in draft guidance
2015-06-03NICE recommends ustekinumab (Stelara) for psoriatic arthritis
2015-06-03NICE guidance recommends apixaban (Eliquis) for treating and preventing potentially fatal blood clots
2015-06-02NICE says yes to two eye treatments for treating serious diabetic eye condition in final draft guidance
2015-06-01NICE opens consultation on draft menopause guideline
2015-06-01NICE consults on draft guidance on olaparib for ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancer
2015-06-01NICE publishes guidelines to tackle premature birth and manage breathing disorders in children
2015-06-01NICE publishes draft updated guidance on the use of antibiotics to prevent infective endocarditis
2015-06-01Round-up of NICE health and social care guidance launched for consultation
2015-05-28NICE consults on plans to support new device which avoids surgery for enlarged prostate glands
2015-05-28NICE consults on draft guidance recommending treatments for types of arthritis that affect the spine
2015-05-28NICE guidance on helping NHS staff to deal with violence and aggression from patients
2015-03-27NICE plans to recommend a technology to hold catheters in place and reduce infection risk
2015-03-25NICE recommends using a device to help with positioning catheters in veins
2015-03-25NICE recommends rivaroxaban (Xarelto) to prevent blood clots in people who have had a heart attack
2015-03-25New standards to prevent falls in older people and help care homes manage medicines safely
2015-03-25NICE redoubles efforts to reduce harm from alcohol, smoking and physical inactivity
2015-03-25NICE issues final guidance on pomalidomide (Imnovid) for blood cancer
2015-03-25NICE recommends treatment for brain condition caused by liver failure
2015-03-25NICE welcomes new non-executive director
2015-03-13Treatment for chronic painful bowel condition to get NHS funding approval
2015-03-12NICE consults on research recommendation for knee cartilage treatment
2015-03-06NICE draft guidance recommends apixaban (Eliquis) for treating and preventing potentially fatal blood clots
2015-03-05‘Hidden army’ could help tackle cold home deaths and illnesses, says NICE
2015-03-05NICE consults on guideline to ensure the best care for older people living at home
2015-03-04People should be more involved in decisions about the medicines they take to ensure they get the best outcomes from them...
2015-03-03NICE consults on draft guidance recommending ledipasvir-sofosbuvir (Harvoni) for treating chronic hepatitis C
2015-02-27One midwife to each woman during birth, says NICE in safe staffing advice
2015-02-26NICE proposes research recommendation for Dupuytren’s disease finger contracture treatment
2015-02-25NICE guidance recommends sofosbuvir (Sovaldi, Gilead Sciences) and simeprevir (Olysio, Janssen) for treating hepatitis C
2015-02-25New NICE guideline to ensure people with bladder cancer receive the same level of treatment and support wherever they li...
2015-02-25NICE issues final guidance on axitinib (Inlyta) and sipuleucel-T (Provenge)
2015-02-25NICE guidance to help thousands of men needing surgery on enlarged prostate glands
1970-01-01Mundipharma, Purdue and Esteve announce a global partnership to drive innovation in pain management (PDF)
1970-01-01Burden of asthma revealed in newly published Mundipharma research (PDF)
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Brought to you by - Latest Jobs in Pharma.