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Oxford Gene Technology

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides world-class genetics research solutions to leading clinical and academic research institutions. Founded by Professor Sir Edwin Southern, and with customers in over 60 countries, OGT has a strong reputation and increasing share in the large and growing genomic medicine market. The Company’s Cytocell®, CytoSure™, and SureSeq™ range of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH), microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) products deliver high-quality genetic analysis, enabling accurate identification and confirmation of the causative variation underlying genetic disease.
Category: Biotech
Category: Biotech

Oxford Gene Technology News

2016-12-15OGT expands Cytocell sarcoma FISH probe range
2016-09-27OGT simplifies detection of important cancer gene variants
2016-09-13OGT expands Cytocell FISH probe portfolio for lung cancers
2016-07-14Experts reveal how exon-focused aCGH is advancing genetic research
2016-06-21OGT launches 9 new Cytocell Aquarius® FISH probes
2016-06-21OGT launches 9 new Cytocell Aquarius FISH probes
2016-06-08OGT enhances NGS results from FFPE samples
2016-05-04OGT launches Cytocell FISH probes for glial tumours
2016-04-13OGT develops new FISH probes in ‘outstanding’ Innovate UK project
2016-03-16OGT expands leading constitutional array range
2015-12-10OGT announces commercial and financial highlights for FY 2015
2015-12-09Christmas ordering & shipping deadlines
2015-11-11OGT licenses SNP probe technology to Baylor Miraca
2015-10-06OGT launches Cytocell FISH probe for bladder cancer
2015-09-15OGT helps genetic scientists explore the medical exome
2015-09-03OGT focuses on high growth genomics products
2015-08-03OGT expands Next Generation Sequencing portfolio
2015-07-28OGT expands its portfolio of Cytocell pathology FISH probes
2015-07-16OGT’s popular ESHG workshop free to view online
2015-06-18OGT launches comprehensive SureSeq Myeloid NGS Panel
2015-06-08OGT launches new arrays for developmental disorders at ESHG
2015-05-13New test could identify resistant tuberculosis faster
2015-04-01OGT signs license with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
2015-03-11Oxford Gene Technology awarded £1.2m Genomics England contract
2015-03-05The role of NGS in stratified cancer medicine
2015-02-03Sheffield NHS lab discusses move to CytoSure arrays
2014-12-02OGT announces operational and financial highlights for FY 2014
2014-11-05Pieces of the puzzle – a multi-method approach to tumour profiling
2014-10-27OGT initiates clinical trial of array-based Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
2014-10-14OGT launches Medical Research Exome Array at ASHG
2014-10-09OGT named OBN’s Best Medtech Dealmaker
2014-09-17OGT presents the latest in tumour screening at BSGM
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