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PharmEnable is a Cambridge (UK) based drug discovery company, using a combination of medicinal chemistry and AI computational approaches to design the next generation of specific and cost-efficient small molecule drugs. Our mission is to discover new treatments for otherwise undruggable conditions.

CEO Dr Hannah Sore is a medicinal chemist by background, and has worked across academia and pharma, as well as having a successful business consulting career. In 2012, after being seriously ill from sepsis, Dr Sore left her consulting career to dedicate herself to creating new medicines. She assembled a team of Cambridge scientists and entrepreneurs, in order to create innovative solutions to some of the biggest healthcare challenges.

The PharmEnable platform focuses on creating chemical diversity, making potential new medicines that are 3-dimensional (3D) and inspired by nature. This innovative approach has all the advantages of small molecule drugs, in that the molecules can be produced cost efficiently in large quantities and taken by patients orally. In addition, the 3D structures make the molecules more specific and less likely to be toxic, opening up new possibilities for treating otherwise undruggable conditions.

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