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Theragnostics Ltd was founded in August 2015 to develop and commercialise diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Theragnostics Inc was established in November 2016 to provide a US presence through our office in Boston, MA. Our aim is to provide a complete portfolio of products to transform patient care, from initial diagnosis to therapy, including treatment planning and monitoring. Central to this strategy is the Galli® technology which is revolutionizing PET Gallium-68 diagnostics and radionuclide therapy. Our most advanced product is THG-001, aka Ga-68 THP-PSMA, which is currently under clinical development.

The Galli® technology and the concept of a single step gallium “cold” kit, was invented by Prof. Philip Blower and colleagues at King’s College London (KCL) and the resultant KCL patent has been granted in US, Japan, Europe and Australia, and is exclusively licensed globally to Theragnostics Ltd.

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