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eTheRNA intends to become a leading cancer-focused mRNA immunotherapy company by developing and commercializing rationally designed mRNA immunotherapies that deliver long-lasting clinical remission to a broad range of cancer patients.

eTheRNA’s products are based on its unique TriMix platform, a combination of three mRNAs encoding proteins that act highly synergistically to activate dendritic cells (DCs), a type of dedicated immune cell also known as an antigen presenting cells (APC), to promote enhanced T-cell immunity. In combination with mRNA coding for tumor-specific antigens, TriMix products can also promote an antigen-directed cytotoxic T-cell response.

The Company has already generated compelling clinical data from initial TriMix ex-vivo candidates, paving the way for the clinical development of TriMix in-vivo mRNA immunotherapies, which are administered intranodally or intratumorally. The Company has also generated strong pre-clinical data showing the effectiveness of TriMix in-vivo immunotherapies in multiple cancer models.

eTheRNA believes its TriMix platform has the potential to provide cancer patients with better clinical outcomes and is committed to establish its unique technology as the gold standard in the wider area of immune-oncology – both as a monotherapy and in combination with other cancer therapies. eTheRNA was established in January 2013 and is backed by leading international life sciences investors since March 2016

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